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Advent Saga is a cross-platform tactical card game that combines classic CCG gameplay with tactical RPG battle mechanics. During battle, a player can maneuver their Armada across the Battle-ground to gain a positional advantage to destroy the opposition. Attain victory in Advent Saga by shattering your opponent’s Morale, either by destroying enemy Armada or maneuvering to attack the opposing Advent directly.

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To build a deck in Advent Saga, first you must choose an Advent to command your military force. Each Advent comes with unique abilities and Resources to form your deck and strategy around, as well as a Morale total.

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How do you play?

Card Types

Armada Gear Tactic




There are three types of cards that will form your deck. First, Armada are military units that you can maneuver and attack with. Each Armada features stats (Attack, Defense, Range) and abilities to establish and maintain your Battle-ground presence. Next, Tactics are instant-use strategy cards to gain a quick advantage in tense situations. Lastly, Gears are weaponry and enhancements to bolster your forces. By combining these cards with your Advent’s specialty, you can build a countless number of decks to suit your play style.

By battling and defeating your enemies, your military rank will increase, providing you with faction-based bonuses and rewards. Build your own military chapter and take part in a conflict that spans millions of light-years. Form your very own Rebel alliance to decimate your would-be oppressors. Write your own chapter in history by establishing a new intergalactic order.

Become a strong leader

Advent Saga is being developed in Unity for PC, Mac, iOS and Android. For more information on gameplay, be sure to visit the tutorial section. If you would like to keep up with development and funding announcements, feel free to sign up for the beta.

Where can I play Advent Saga?

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