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Damage calculation occurs after an attack is successfully declared. No abilities can be activated nor can any cards be put in-play during damage calculation. When calculating damage, the attacking Armada deals damage to the opposing Armada equal to its Attack stat. The opposing Armada’s Defense is reduced by the amount of damage dealt by the attacking Armada. If the opposing Armada’s Defense reaches 0, it is destroyed. When a player’s Armada is destroyed, excess damage is dealt to that player’s Morale total.

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[Figure 2.5.3a]

[Figure 2.5.3b]

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First, I exhaust the last card in my Resource area, along with exhausting my Advent, to allow me to play Signal Jammer on the Flak Jacket attached to Reject Lanceman [Figure 2.5.3a]. This negates Flak Jacket's ability, bringing Reject Lanceman's Defense down to 1. I declare an attack on Reject Lanceman with Nazael Disruptor and we re-enter the damage calculation step.


With Nazael Disruptor's Attack of 2 against Reject Lancman's Defense of 1, the target is easily destroyed. In addition to destroying Misfit's Armada, we also dealt excess damage, which is deducted from his Morale [Figure 2.5.3b]. That was fun, but let me explain what would happen if Misfit could counter attack.