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PT. 2


[Figure 2.5.2a]

phase 52 Lesson 252


An Armada the player controls may declare an attack on a target within its Range. Unlike with moving, an Armada may attack on the turn it is deployed or put in-play. An Armada may only attack once per turn. However, if the attacked Armada is no longer in Range once damage calculation begins, the player may redeclare the attack on another Armada within Range.

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Attacking is pretty straightforward, but I'll show you how it works. First, I'm going to attack Misfit's Lanceman Reject with Nazael Force Mage. I know what you're thinking, crazy right? Well, Nazael Force Mage's ability allows me to move Lanceman Reject one space in any direction before calculating damage. I choose to move the Lanceman right in front of my Nazael Disruptor, setting it up for a nice little surprise. Since Nazael Force Mage has a Range of 2, my attack connects successfully and I deal two damage to Reject Lanceman [Figure 2.5.2a].


Since Reject Lanceman did not die as a result of my attack, it would normally have the ability to declare a counter attack. Luckily, my Force Mage’s ability has put the Lanceman out of range, thus ending Nazael Force Mage's attack. Now let's go deliver that surprise I was talking about.