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[Figure 2.4.0a]

Lesson 240 phase 4

Now comes the true test of talents and experience, as we've now entered the Strategy phase. This is where you can play out the strategies that will pave your way to victory.


For now, I'm going to deploy the Nazael Disruptor I just drew. To do so, I am exhausting Crystal Ball and Clairvoyance to pay the cost of one Psionic Resource and one Non-Specific Resource. I then deploy my Disruptor to the Battleground [Figure 2.4.0a]

Don't forget that in Advent Saga, an Armada may not move on the same turn that it is deployed.

Table 1


During the Strategy phase, a player may deploy Armada or play Gear and Tactic cards. These actions can be done in any order.