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[Figure 1.2.6a]

Method 1 Method 2

[Figure 1.2.6b]

Method 3

[Figure 1.2.6c]

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All cards aside from the Advent have with a Resource cost. During your turn, you can play as many cards as your Resources will allow.


As we have previously discussed, Tactics played during your Strategy phase go into your Resource area, but there’s another method that will provide you with additional Resources.


At the beginning of your turn, during your Production phase, you may send the top card of your deck to your Resource area [Figure 1.2.6b]. You may not look at this card before choosing to use it as a Resource.


Like your Advent [Figure 1.2.6a], any card in the Resource area may be exhausted to produce one Resource of their affinity. For example: [Figure 12.6c] Rebel Immolator may be exhausted to produce one (P) or (R)). Once a Resource is exhausted, it may not produce additional Resources until it is refreshed.